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The Vale Chasm Show takes visitors on a journey right into the earth itself. In fact, they travel in a giant glass elevator down 7 stories into a chasm that was blasted into the rock at Sudbury’s Dynamic Earth.

From this moving vantage point, visitors experience an unforgettable journey that reveals how a meteorite impact 1.8 billion years ago created the wealth of nickel ore beneath Sudbury. A recreation of the Precambrian impact takes place on a globe screen projection in mid air set against a starlit backdrop. This image sets the stage for the geological event that created one of the richest ore-bodies on the face of the earth.


The audience plunges into a vivid explanation of how this rich ore, created nearly 2 billion years ago, is carefully extracted

from the earth. Spectacular multimedia images play on the rock face and multiple moving screens during the descent. The Vale Chasm Show is the signature piece of Dynamic Earth. It also provides a dramatic entry to the underground mine tour.



Science North - Sudbury, ON

3,000 sq. ft.


Have questions about this theater? Contact our team!

+1 (705) 522-3701

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