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30,000 sq. ft.
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Science North was hired to produce three separate shows comprising a larger narrative experience for Aztec on the River (San Antonio, Texas), a magnificent and historically important 1920's movie theater.

Awakening of the Temple, awakens the Aztec spirits in the theater and highlights the amazing architectural, artistic, and historic features of the building.

This spectacular multi-sensory show honors ancient culture as the inspiration for the design of the building itself, which is modeled on an Aztec temple. An ancient legend incorporating two traditional Mesoamerican themes is told dramatically with animation, animatronics, and custom special effects.

The three elements are:

  1. a Lobby Show, celebrating the building itself

  2. a Large Format Theater Pre-Show, celebrating the silent film era and preparing the audience for the feature presentation

  3. an intimate Special Effects Show, drawing visitors towards the Riverwalk level of the building.



Science North - Sudbury, ON


- Special effects show

- Architectural and historic features

- Custom animatronics

- Video mask projection

- Simulated smoke and fire effects

- Customized lighting

- Peppers Ghost effect



Have questions about this theater? Contact our team!

+1 (705) 522-3701

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