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Engineered For Speed is a dynamic multimedia presentation about the legendary Concorde, the first commercial supersonic aircraft. The show is literally focused on the skin of a real Concorde jet that was donated to the Grantley Adams Airport and is now housed in its own visitor center.

The show is an awe inspiring experience, combining lights, sound and visual effects, with high resolution video projected right onto the plane. Engineered For Speed vividly expresses the great engineering achievement that the plane represents, as well as the positive impact it has had on life in Barbados. The show highlights the jet’s major achievements using historical stock footage and custom animated graphics.

The climax of the show is a high impact simulation of the Concorde breaking the sound barrier as the audience is immersed in a sonic boom. Managed timing of Engineered For Speedallows it to be run in overlapping audio environments with other exhibits.

Engineered for Speed is a multimedia show that Science North designed and installed at the Barbados Concorde Experience located at the Grantley Adams Airport. This brand new facility was developed by the team of Reich + Petch Design International and Science North. Science North’s role further included the design of a Business Plan and Operations Plan. Working hand in hand with the Barbados Tourism.

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