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1,000 sq ft
Travels in 1 truck
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How do you perceive risk?

How do you feel in risky situations?

What makes an extreme sports athlete?

Do you have the personality and motivation?


This 100 sq m (1,000 sq ft) traveling exhibition features hands-on exhibits, interactive multimedia experiences, multiplayer challenges, and large-scale graphics. Immersive theme areas evoke a dynamic and lively vibe, with design elements that help transport visitors into various extreme sports environments where they can experience the sports through physical challenges and multimedia exhibits.

Experience the thrill of extreme sports and go inside the minds and bodies of extreme athletes – their psychology, physiology, and physicality. What motivates them to participate in some of the riskiest activities in the world? Meet passionate athletes, hear their incredible stories, and take in the artistry, motivation, and thoughtfulness that goes into everything they do.


Extreme sports can be hard to define, since they are always changing as skills and equipment evolve. They usually involve an inherent element of physical risk, and intense physical and mental challenges. They require special technical skills and abilities, and specialized equipment. 


They commonly involve exhilarating speeds, breathtaking heights, or profound depths, and a variety of uncontrolled natural variables. By presenting facts and real stories, the exhibition helps dispel myths and stereotypes commonly associated with extreme sports and the people who participate in them.


The exhibition illustrates that participation in extreme sports requires skill, training, and proper use of specialized equipment. To make smart and calculated decisions, extreme sports athletes are skilled at evaluating risk and remaining calm under intense pressure. The athletes featured are highly skilled professionals who put a great deal of thought, time and training into their actions.


Beyond Human Limits is developed in partnership with the Ontario Science Centre.







Human Performance


Hanging Wall

Balance Challenge

Multimedia Theater

VR Experience



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Okanagan Science Centre

 April 2021 - December 2021

The Joseph Brant Museum - Burlington ON

 June 2022 - September 2022





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