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Rhythms of the North is a multimedia theatrical installation that serves as the cultural anchor at the Assiniboine Park Zoo's newest visitor attraction called Journey to Churchill. The Zoo underwent the largest renovation in Zoo history in order to highlight the isolated cultures, animals and landscape of the northern Manitoba peoples. Within the walls of Journey To Churchill, sits a theatre in the round called the Aurora Borealis Theatre which is home to Science North's latest production called Rhythms of the North. The theatre also doubles as a special event space.

Filmed over a 2 year period, using eight 5K-cameras secured to a remote controlled 360-degree claus-cam rig, the first ever of its kind, Science North was able to capture the stunning vistas in both summer and very harsh winter. 

Through the use of 11 projectors, 12-channel speakers, 168 linear feet of LED lighting (42 lights), Science North was able to achieve the first Zoo experience of this kind.

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